Happy 1st Birthday My Littlest Love!

Our sweet baby girl, you are no longer a baby.  You are one year old today!  It has been one heck of a year that has flown by so fast.  You are our last baby and although we would like to keep you little forever, we know that is not possible and we look forward to watching you grow into a smart, funny, happy and beautiful young lady.  Just take your time, no need to rush!  Happy Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  We love you so much and you make our little family complete!  Love you forever!  
--Mommy and Daddy!


Molly's 11th Month!

 Woot Woot!  I did it!  I am up to date!!! 

What do I do with this?

Oh yeah, I put it in my mouth like I do with EVERYTHING else!

OOOOOH!!! Look how scary those pumpkins are.


 Mama's going to get you!!!

Nah, I ain't scared of no ghosts!  Or skeletons!

Isn't she just the most adorable ladybug EVER?

Molly's first trip to Dewberry Farm!

That's a big pumpkin!

 Silly Girl!

Feeding myself!

Swinging with my bro in my new swing!!

First trip to Build-A-Bear!  Making Pinky!

Look what we found at Build-A-Bear!

Thanksgiving Pumpkin!

Taking a little break from getting into trouble!

11 Months Old!!!

10/29/2012--Molly said Dada and meant Chris-first word!
10/31/2012--First Halloween, dressed up as a ladybug.  
Went to a few houses, then helped Mama hand out candy.
11/3/2012--First trip to Dewberry Farm
11/18/2012--Molly's top right tooth broke through and left tooth is breaking through.  
11/21/2012--First Visit with Santa.  She didn't cry at all!
11/22/2012--First Thanksgiving!  She loved the cranberry sauce, turkey and stuffing.  
Passed out during the meal! :)

Molly continues to be Little Miss Independent!  She loves to explore and get into things she shouldn't.  Her reach has gotten better and again the kitchen table continues to be the landing spot for all things she shouldn't have.  Mama has her hands full each day keeping Molly out of trouble.  Everything else is more exciting then the two large bins of Molly appropriate toys.  Her walking continues to get better and better.  If she falls though, she crawls over to something to pull herself up on, she cannot stand up independently.   Everyday is a challenge with her eating.  She wants to do everything herself, but lacks the skills to do so, and this frustrates her and her mama.  She has started drinking one to two of her daily bottles from a sippy cup and and is doing very well.  She is such a trip! 


Molly's 10th Month

Carpet picnic and movie fun!

Crazy hair!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  
Keeps her attention for about 5 minutes at a time, 
usually when there is music and/or singing.

Busy Ball Popper?  Not sure what to make of it.

Okay, it is a blast!

Seriously Mama?  I know I look adorable in these cheetah print jeans, 
but why, oh why do they make "skinny" jeans for babies?  WTH?  

Local Pumpkin Patch!

Hanging with my bro in the Pumpkin Patch House!

Trunk or Treat at Primrose School!

10 months Old!!!

10/8/2012--Molly stood by herself for 20+ seconds.
10/11/2012--Molly took two steps!!!!!
10/15/2012--Crawled upstairs by herself (with Dada behind her).
10/18/2012--Moves fingers over her mouth and hums to make noise!
10/19/2012--Molly clapped!
10/20/2012--Molly took 4 steps by herself!
10/23/2012--Molly is a TODDLER!!!!  Took 6+ steps between Chris and myself many times!
10/26/2012--Trunk or Treat at Primrose School.

Molly continues to assert her independence.  She loves to explore and get into everything that is not hers!  The kitchen table has started to become a landing zone for all the things that Molly can reach, but can't have.  Getting stuff taken away really upsets her and she likes to throw her head back (and in turn, her body) in frustration.  Cabinet locks have had to be installed, the oven door has to be locked, and she definitely keeps you on your toes.  Molly also has become more interested in and enjoys trying and eating new table foods.  Over the last month she's had Chick-Fil-A chicken, Chicken-a-la-King, steak, spaghetti, hamburger, hot dog and of course lots of fruits and vegetables. 


Molly's 9th Month

Silly face!

Summer Reading Program!

Love her!


"Mom!  I know that these sparkly, heart pocket, Levi's are cute, but I CANNOT crawl in them!  
Remove them immediately!

Silly girl!

Another pic Mama?  Come on!

Pretty blue eyes!

Making music!

Reading with Dada!

Checking out brother's toys!

Silly kiddos!

Nine Months Old!

8/30/2012--Standing up in crib after nap!
9/1/2012--Bottom two teeth finally break through!
9/4/2012--Molly waved to Daddy.
9/27/2012--Molly walks with Hippo Push/Ride On toy.

Nine month check-up stats.  Weight--22 lbs 1.5 oz (92%)  Height--30" (100%) Head--18.25" (96%)  Spitting up has become better and much less frequent. 

Molly's 8th Month

 Okay, okay I know that baby girl will be a year old in 2 days and 
I have been REALLY bad about keeping y'all up to date on her first year.  
I apologize and won't make excuses (though I have A LOT of good ones!).  
I am going to do my best to post the 9th, 10th and 
11th months before Friday, but I make no promises.  :)

Smiley girl!

All American Girl!

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden


Messy Eater!  Enjoying a Mum-Mum or surfboards, as we like to call them!

Playing with her Sophie giraffe!

Mmmm first time eating Pizza!

First time poolin'!

Silly Family!

Mama's birthday!

Playing with brother.

Pulling up and cruising!

No baby spoons for me!

Bath time fun!

Loving on mama's baby doll!


8 Months Old!

8/5/2012--Weighed at home-20.2 lbs
8/11/2012--First time in the pool for our buddy Ryan's birthday!
8/12/2012--Celebrated Mama's birthday!
8/16/2012--Crawled :)
8/19/2012--Pulled herself up on the couch.
8/23/2012--First time eating from a fruit/veggie pouch.
8/27/2012--Cruises along the couch.  

Little Miss Independent.  Wants to do everything herself, including feeding herself.  Her new skill of crawling has led to more independence and exploring and getting into things she shouldn't (if it isn't hers she wants it-shoes, magazines, Xander's toy, etc.).